Providing a happy, comfortable, productive and, above all, safe and secure environment for pupils to thrive in is at the forefront of all we do at St Gabriel’s. This information in is intended to explain some of the ways that we do this.

The person who leads on safeguarding pupils is called the designated safeguarding lead (DSL). The DSL is Mrs Phelps. If you have any questions or comments about the safeguarding of pupils, then you can contact Mrs Phelps by via the main school office.


All staff, governors and volunteers receive regular training covering all aspects of safeguarding pupils, and we have a robust programme of continuing professional development in place

St Gabriel’s Nominated Safeguarding Staff are:

Designated Safeguarding Lead: Mrs L Phelps

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads:Mrs J Short, Miss M Bell,  Mrs J Caley and Mr S Terry 

Designated Safeguarding Governor: Mrs L Berry 

Being safe within the school grounds and creating a safe environment is a responsibility for all staff, governors and parents. To meet these responsibilities, we have policies in place to help ensure that all staff, pupils and stakeholders have a consistent approach. These policies include the following:


Name Of Policy  Purpose of the Policy 
Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy This policy ensures all our staff are trained to identify and respond to areas of concern. Training is held regularly to keep staff up-to-date with child protection and safeguarding legislation and policy updates.

All staff have training within this area.  There are various members of staff additionally trained to provide extra support as needed

Recruitment Policy This policy aims to prevent risk and highlight to the community the robust standards within the school. We actively use safer recruitment techniques in advertising and interviewing for roles within the school – this includes checks such as Disclosure and Barring Service checks, asking for references and identity checks.
Anti-Bullying Policy This policy enables staff to highlight any areas of concern to the correct person through the correct channels. Bullying, in any form, shall not be tolerated.
Attendance and Truancy Policy The school monitors the attendance of pupils and follows up on any patterns or trends.  This is to ensure there is a full level of support given to the pupils, and any barriers to learning can be addressed.
Staff Code of Conduct All members of staff have to adhere to the Staff Code of Conduct, which outlines the standards the school maintains in order to provide the best learning and support for the pupils.
Online Safety Policy As part of the overall safeguarding policy, online-safety is of the utmost importance. Pupils spend time using a variety of electronic devices, both at school and at home. Support must be given to guide them on how to use the internet safely, as well as recognise and report threats.
Visitor Policy This policy outlines how the school deals with visitors. The provisions allow the school to monitor who is on site and ensure proper safeguarding procedures are followed regarding those who potentially have access to the pupils.


The governing body has a responsibility to make sure that, at St Gabriel’s , we are keeping pupils safe and are compliant with safeguarding legislation. The governors do this by visits to school, safeguarding reports from the Head Teacher during termly meetings, questioning the Head Teacher and other staff members and conversations with pupils. All members of the governing body have undertaken safeguarding training so they are up to date with the current legislation.

The governing body delegates some aspects of the monitoring of safeguarding practice and compliance at St Gabriel’s to a governor who has the appropriate knowledge and has received specific training. The governor who has responsibility for monitoring safeguarding is Mrs L Berry.