St Gabriel’s Catholic Primary School – Local Governing Body

Iain Sim – Community Governor

Chair of the Governing Body
Link Governor for Pupil Premium

Iain was the former Chief Executive of a local company which undertook a range of work in the local community and worked with St Gabriel’s on some projects. He brings a range of professional skills and experience to the role of local governor.

Iain says, “I became a Governor because I wanted to be part of a team, helping young
people fulfil their potential in life. I am happy to be the Link Governor for Pupil Premium as I am passionate about ensuring all children have an equal right to succeed. My vision for the future is that St Gabriel’s is the best school that it can be and the school of choice for parents living in the local community.”

In his spare time he enjoys travel, sport and music.

Lindsay Phelps – Ex Officio Headteacher

Lindsay says, “ I am delighted to welcome you to St Gabriel’s Catholic Primary School. We are proud to be an inclusive school with a determination to provide excellent education for all the children in our care.
As a Catholic School, we place Christ at the very centre of our learning and we encourage
children to be the very best that they can be; growing, learning and loving in a safe and
secure way. In partnership between home, school, parish and community, we are dedicated to working together to develop children who achieve spiritually, academically, socially and emotionally. We encourage our pupils to try new things, to be creative, to be resilient and to constantly strive to improve, as whatever we do, we do for the glory of God. Our hard working staff are devoted to the families of St Gabriel’s and relationships with our parents are positive and supportive. We have a strong pastoral link, enabling our families to work closely with school, achieving the best outcomes for all.
We value school improvement and are committed to providing the highest quality teaching possible to allow successful lifelong learning to take place. Together we celebrate the many successes of our school and invite you to come and witness them for yourself.”

Lisa-Marie Berry – Parent Governor

Link Governor for Safeguarding

Lisa became a Parent Governor at St Gabriel’s just over a year ago after wishing to learn more about the school and be involved in the discussions and decision making processes regarding the children.

Lisa said, “I became a Governor because of my passion and interest in providing an inclusive provision for all children to access and thrive in education.”

Lisa has a BA honours degree in early childhood studies and brings a wealth of knowledge that has been built up during her seventeen years working as an early years leader in the local community. She is an active parishioner and has built up strong relationships with other parents and in the wider communities.

Jim Griffin, Bed (Chem), M I Chem E – Foundation Governor

Link Governor for Catholic Standards

Jim has been a member of the Governing Body at St Gabriel’s for the past two years. He brings the experience of former Lay Inspector and Lead Inspector for Ofsted for thirteen years to the role.

Jim says, “I thought that my experience of school inspection and in the chemical industry gave me insights and suggestions that would be useful to the school. My wife taught at the school and we attend the local parish church.

My vision for the future of the school is to improve the pupils’ achievements. I understand the importance of good governance within a school, providing challenge and support centred on improving pupils’ achievements, in a friendly and supportive manner.”

In his spare time he enjoys football scouting and has an interest in current affairs and education.

Julia Marshall – Staff Governor

Link Governor for Personal Development (including Well-being)

Julia has been a Governor at St Gabriel’s for over 10 years and has a BTEC Higher National Award in Accountancy. She brings her professional and volunteering experience as an Accountancy Clerk, and Cub Scout and Venture Scout leader to the governing body. She has an interest in Science and Nature, Piano and Music in general and Art and Design Technology.

Julia has been a Governor at St Gabriel’s for over ten years and has a BTEC Higher National Award in Accountancy. She brings her professional and volunteering experience as an Accountancy Clerk and Cub and Venture Scout Leader to the Governing Body.

Julia says, “My family have been connected with St Gabriel’s since the school opened in 1967, and I have lived within a five minute walk of the school gates for three decades. I began by volunteering in the school and seven years later joined the staff. There is an outdoor garden dedicated to my father-in-law for the voluntary work he did as part of the school chaplaincy team. My son attended St Gabriel’s in the 1990s and my two great -nieces are current pupils.

Becoming a Governor meant I could expand my role and play a larger part in the school’s development in a supportive yet challenging way, ensuring that our school and wider
community can be the best it can be. I have seen many changes over the last thirty years,
the arrival and departure of numerous staff and pupils, curriculum and policy changes, and changes driven by social development. Our school is experiencing a very exciting time as we move towards providing those in our care with an outstanding level of education giving them the skills to be the citizens of the future who respect and love the world in which they live.”

Julia is very interested in science and nature, piano and music in general and art and design technology.

Leigh O’Grady – Parent Governor

Link Governor for Quality of Education

Leigh has been a Governor at St Gabriel’s for just over a year. She offers a parent’s point of view, as well as bringing her professional experience as a Chartered Accountant working in a number of different businesses and roles to the Governing Body.

Leigh says, “I went to St Gabriel’s as a child and have some lifelong friends from my class.
My son attends the school and we live in the area so I know what the community is like. I
have always loved reading, so I was really keen to help with this in school. It is lovely getting to know the children in Reception and seeing them growing in confidence with their reading throughout the year.

When the opportunity arose to apply to be a Parent Governor I thought it would be nice to offer something back and help where I can. I believe St Gabriel’s will continue to play an
important part in the community and provide a caring environment for its pupils, and I look forward to seeing how the plans in the pipeline for the school develop.”

When time permits, Leigh enjoys sharing adventures with her family, reading and travel.

Margaret O’Donaghue – Foundation Governor